If you are currently using an event management software, you may optimise an event networking platform for your attendees through an online community. As long as your software is integrated with your registration system, you may easily inform attendees by email that there is a community section when logging into their user accounts. But what are the different functions of an online community? Why would you want clients to partake in this type of online networking? For more reliable software go to event management software reviews.

Here are three things your attendees can do through an online community:

  1. Share their experiences after your event

An event networking platform like an online community will allow your attendees to keep the discussion alive even if your event has already ended. This type of engagement is very important for you to leave a long-lasting impression to your attendees as well as improve brand awareness. The more they talk about your event, the more likely that they will share about it to their own networks. Furthermore, it strengthens the social aspect of your events when attendees can share pictures and takeaways from the event to other people who were also there.

  1. Share related media and posts

The event networking platform may run for months and even years after the end of your event. This keeps attendees in extended engagements. Why is this beneficial? It would be easier to enlist them to join another event if you can find all of them in one place. As long as you have an active online community, it is easier to disseminate event information and enlist past attendees to become indirect marketers.

Furthermore, they may share related media and posts to the community to generate more discussion and foster an environment with like-minded members. If you are hosting professional conferences, for example, the community will become a great resource for collaborations in research and even for job hunting. Besides find new ways to share your content through several event planning apps.

  1. Network with other attendees

Lastly, an event networking platform will give all possible opportunities for your attendees to network with one another. If they continually interact with specific people within the community, they may pursue several engagements outside of it. If your platform allows direct messaging and tagging, it would be easy to assume that your attendees may also find prospective partners and clients from the same place. The key context here is communication and how an online community opens various channels for attendees to keep in touch with one another.