Your event should be centred around the welfare of attendees that is why you should consider using an event registration software. One of the most important things you can do as an event organiser is to provide an online registration platform where interested parties can register and purchase tickets at their disposal.

All aspects considered, what should you make as convenient as possible? It should be the event sign up process. Here are three steps to let attendees sign up online and check in at your event:

1.) Create an event website

To promote your event, you would need an event website which is loaded with information pertaining to your event. Using an event management software may significantly cut down the time needed to make an event website. Through such software, you may choose from different modules and build the website on your own even if you don’t have coding skills. In the event website, you should lay out the date and time of the event, the venue, the objectives for the event, the speakers, the sponsors, and the agenda (among many others). The goal here is to entice website visitors to register for your event.

2.) Incorporate a registration software into the website

A very important thing to incorporate to your event website is the event booking software. This practically allows interested parties to register online and purchase tickets if you are organising a paid event. In a matter of minutes, attendees can simply fill out some fields that are necessary to create their user accounts and choose from different payment platforms. They may use payment gateways that would allow them to pay via their credit card, or they can choose from standardized internet payment platforms like PayPal and Stripe.

3.) Check in guests on the day of the event

Finally, there must be a certain mechanism for you to usher in confirmed guests on the day of your event such as using a check-in software. This software may be optimised for mobile use through a check-in app. On the day of your event, your staff can simply read printed or digital copies of your attendees’ tickets via their mobile device’s camera. As long as their tickets have a unique bar code or QR code, a check-in app may successfully confirm their validity in one second.

Those are the basic steps that you may take if you want to give your attendees the opportunity to register online. With current trends leaning towards automated processes, it makes sense that you stop using old-school methods like telephones and emails for event registration.